Bail Fast Bonding

What is the cost of posting a bond?

In Tennessee, the fees for retail bail bonds are set by statute and the current legal standard is 10% of the face amount of the bond for in-state residents and 15% of the face amount of the bond for out of state residents
plus a $25 bond initiation fee and a $12 state tax. For example, the nonrefundable fee for a $1000 bond of an in-state resident would be $137, a $5000 bond would be $537, a $10,000 bond would be $1037 and so forth.  

Fees for nationwide service vary according to state plus any and all applicable transfer fees. Call for a free rate quote .

Do you require a cosigner or collateral?

In addition to the standard fees for bail bonds, all bonds typically also require a cosigner and, in rare instances, collateral. Cosigners are jointly and individually responsible for the full face amount of the bond should the defendant fail to appear in court and/or a forfeiture is issued against Bail Fast Bonding. Cosigning a bail bond is much like cosigning a car or bank loan for someone and should be given careful consideration. Many factors determine cosigner requirements and eligibility. Call is anytime for a quote or information on the requirements for your individual bail bond needs. 

What if I have information regarding someone who has forfeited bond with Bail Fast Bonding? 

You may call  us 24 hours per day. 

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Are you currently contracting independent bail enforcement and recovery agents?

Bail Fast Bonding generally does not contract with outside recovery agents. Our bail enforcement and recovery is handled through the in house team known as Black Aces Bail Recovery and all agents are Tennessee Code Annotated 40-11-318 and 40-11-401 compliant.  However, if you are currently certified through TAPBA, please feel free to contact us or email your resume to

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